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What are the different kinds of Therapy that we offer ?


We offer a complete therapy session where we combine different techniques to ensure that the results are effective. You can expect a mix of Sound Healing, NLP ( Neuro-Liguistic Programming ), Psychotherapy, Art therapy or any such therapy that we find is best able to help the patient in a single session .

Due to the vast range of healing abilities of Serena, you will experience a session which will leave you deeply connected with yourself and with a sense of freedom , hope and optimism in each session. 

Benefits of Therapy :

Through therapy you can get help with :

  • Understanding your issues

  • Determining the best path forward

  • Able to deal better with conflicts, aggression, toxic relationships 

  • Emotional balance

  • Mental freedom from stigmas

  • Deep self-exploration & discovery

  • Weight loss by understanding your eating habits

  • OCD's and Phobias

  • Past relationship baggage and much more.  

What to expect in the session :

The session will be conducted online via Zoom / Whatsapp/ Google Meet. The  sessions  will be for 45 min  each. Each session is booked separately. 

You will need to be in comfortable clothes, with a bottle of water and tissues . Make sure that the temperature of the room is to your liking , no direct light is falling on your eyes, and you have a recliner or bed with ample neck support to lie on. 

Also ensure no one disturbs you for the time of the session. 

After the booking you will be guided before the time of the session as well. 

Price ( Initial/ Subsequent session ) : USD 50

  *For payment options other than Paypal please Whatsapp on +55 (41) 988 735 235
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