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Tarot Readings

Guidance via Tarot Readings

Obtaining guidance via a Tarot Reading is not only fun but extremely empowering. It is a tool that assists you in making certain key decisions and enables the person receiving the reading to connect to their inner wisdom. It can help a person understand what they need to know about a particular situation.


The readings are also used to identify the root cause of issues, or repeated patterns which may be causing difficulties in a person's life. Through this one-on-one, exciting and liberating process you will be able to break through difficult patterns, achieve a sense of inner peace by knowing what to do as a way forward and also identify which tools to effectively use for solutions by either using hypnotherapy, energy healings, or a complete lifestyle change through coaching. All of which will provide you with tools to help you reach your goals & lead you to a more positive life.

What is Tarot Card Reading?

Tarot card reading is a tool of divination that helps us to get answers to many questions life brings up. It helps us get directly to the many crossroads we encounter in life. Every choice we make leads us to a different outcome. We don’t realize the impact of a wrong decision. 80% of life is Destiny, but there is a powerful 20% that is free will and one can use that wisely to get desired outcomes in their life.It is said that when a person picks up cards while thinking of the questions or issues in his mind, his energy gets reflected in the cards selected, bringing out with stark accuracy, his state of mind, and the issues surrounding him. The cards also can guide the person and tell him how his decisions might result in a positive or a negative situation etc.A tarot card reading can help reveal the innermost thoughts or feelings a person might be going through at that time and can help a person in making changes or decisions related to his career reading, health, and relationships.

Benefits of Tarot Card Reading

Here are some interesting benefits of tarot card reading we must know!


  • Gain clarity in life​

  • Identify areas in need of improvement​

  • Peace of mind​

  • Make a difficult decision

  • Nurture your relationships​

  • Provide you with confidence​

  • Validate your gut​

  • Gives your day structure

General Reading

Personal Tarot readings for guidance and information regarding known and unknown of your life. Tailor based readings which cater to every aspect of your life, including health, career , love life and finances.

Soul Search Reading

This is a special reading that will focus on your life’s purpose, the direction it is going in and what needs to change to help you achieve the answers your soul is searching for.

Your Lucky Number

This is a read which will focus on numbers that are lucky for you during the whole year so you can make the right choices when playing your favourite lottery.

Soul Mate Sketch

With the help of an artist , Serena will deliver to you the sketched portrait of your SOULMATE. You will be able to now manifest your successful love life with this portrait in hand.