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Unveiling the Spiritual Connection: A Journey of Tarot Card Reading

Tarot card reading has long been regarded as a powerful tool for divination and self-reflection. They have been around for centuries and have evolved in many ways.

As a tarot card reader and cartomante, I have witnessed the profound spiritual connection that unfolds during a reading. This connection is the basis of whether the seeker will get an accurate reading or not.

When I first saw a deck of tarot cards, I did not know what it was .But, there was a connection of curiosity and a vague pull that I felt towards them. What are these cards about ? I never knew then that this would be the start of another journey for me where I am able to help thousands of people find answers. I found a new path towards spirituality through tarot.

In this blog, we will explore the depths of what this connection is between a Reader and a Seeker and delve into how it enhances the experience of both. And how I, Serena, read my cards.

1. The Start : Tarot card reading is more than just shuffling and interpreting cards. It is a sacred ritual that invites a spiritual connection. Before each reading, I take a moment to ground myself and create a deep serenity in my mind and heart. This can usually be achieved through meditation, prayer, or any personal ritual that aligns you with the divine energy and ground yourself. For me it is taking a deep breath and connecting myself with my inner strength in my gut. Then I tap the cards, which is my equivalent of getting rid of the past read energies they were carrying and connect to a new situation surrounding the cards. When I feel grounded enough and am ready to read then I start shuffling the cards. The shuffling ensures a more stronger connection as my and the cards energies combine.

2. Trusting Your Intuition: One of the most remarkable aspects of tarot card reading is the intuitive bond formed between the reader and the cards. As you handle the deck, allow yourself to feel the energy and messages emanating from each card. Trust your intuition to guide you towards the cards that hold significance for the seeker. This intuitive connection can lead to profound insights and accurate readings. After a certain level of experience, it feels as if the cards are talking to you, telling a story. And only you understand what they are saying.

3. The Power of Symbolism and Combinations: A tarot card set is very rich in symbolism. Each card has usually an illustration where there are hidden meanings. Knowing which symbol represents what, also helps in understanding the overall meaning of each card. When a Seeker asks a question, and I take out a card, the symbols that stand out the most help me make a certain interpretation. And, that is what the read is. As a reader, immerse yourself in the imagery and symbolism of each card. Let your intuition and spiritual knowledge guide you to unlock the deeper messages hidden within the symbols. Each card can have as many as 8 different aspects to it ( sometimes even more ). You need to be familier to each one of them and also know how the cards represent a situation in combinations. There are many ways to read a certain spread ( style or pattern in which the cards are picked and placed ). Combinations add more depth to the reading and as important to unlock aspects that single cards might not be enough for.

4. Questions and Responses : Even though you can find a lot of information throught eh cards, even responses like a simple Yes/No are possible, but the main challenge is how the questions are formed so that the answer is clear. I usually form an intention and say the question out aloud so that the Seeker also know what the exact question is. The clearer the question the better the response you can get. Usually I avoid answering questions about death and childbirth. Some other readers might have topics they don't want to cover as well.

5. Co-creation with the Universe: Tarot card reading is a co-creative process between the reader, the seeker, and the universe. As a reader, I serve as a conduit, channeling the energy and messages from the divine realm to the seeker. I embrace the spiritual connection and invite the seeker to actively participate in the reading. I usually prefer to take out some reads on my own first, even before the Seeker has said anything. This helps me find out what is the message or situations that I might need to focus on to help the Seeker find the best way forward. During a read it is also a good idea to encourage the Seeker to reflect on their own intuition and experiences while interpreting the cards. Together, we unlock profound insights and spiritual growth.

5. Does Tarot indulge in magic or any other paranormal source? : No, tarot reading is as simple as asking a friend or a wise person for advice. Whatever knowledge they possess they will help you accordingly. The same way a Reader has ways that helps them 'see' situations beyond what goes the 5 senses . Due to the mystical aspect of the situation some people think that Readers have some entities helping them, whereas all there is is a strong connection to the sixth sense.

6. Honoring Ethical Principles: Maintaining ethical principles is essential when it comes to tarot card reading. I treat each seeker with respect, compassion, and strict confidentiality thus ensuring that I provide guidance that is empowering and non-judgmental. By fostering a safe and sacred space for them, I also enhance the spiritual connection between myself, the seeker, and the cards. This triangle of strength and wisdom can only be formed when I, as the Reader am offering my genuine help and support. Once the Seeker feels secure, they more at ease to find the answers as they understand that a solution is being offered.

7. Understanding the boundaries of a Read: A Reader interacts with a lot of people who have issues that sometimes a Tarot card read cannot solve. A lot of times I advise them to seek solutions through therapy and medical help. A Seeker might not know what is the best way forward and through the read I can pinpoint their emotional, mental ,physical and spiritual health issues as well. At all times during a read, my first concern is the betterment of the Seeker.

If you want to learn how to read Tarot cards, buy your deck here. These are cards, that I have used and found them to be the best for beginners and even intermediates. The cards are based on a variety of systems and whichever one appeals to you is the one right for you. If you feel interested in a read you can always book one on Whatsapp +5541988735235.

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